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Here IŽll place some small circuits soon. These circuits were made together withmy robot or microcontrolller projects. I hope that IŽll find the time to get some content on this page soon.

Often you need a 5 V power supply. I built a little board containing a 7805 voltage regulator. It is powered by a cheap standard 9V supply. Adding a socket for the 9 V power supply and some connectors to get the 5 Volt

The supply is completed by adding a switch and a led. The connectors fit into my breadboard, so I can test my circuits without worrying about where to get 5 Volt
I Used the standard circuit from the Datasheet. If you need other voltages, regulators such as the 7812 work the same way.

If you have to handle a lower input voltage, you can use the low drop voltage regulator LM2940 instead. It generates 5 Volts from just 6 Volt input. The circuit is widely the same. It seems that you just have to take a little more care about the values of the capacitors. Look at the Datasheet for more details.






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