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HC12 Welcome Kit


The HC12 Welcome Kit from Elektronikladen is a little board with a MC68HC812A4 Controller on it.

This Controller has no FLASH Memory on it. But it has 4 kB of EEPORM and 1kB of RAM. So without external Memory you have to keep your programs small. Half of the availible memory is used by the monitor program that is programmed on the chip. My Softec BDM pod is not supporting the old HC12 devices, so I had to get another BDM tool. The TBDML that you can find on looked good because you can build it for cheap and it supports the old MC68HC12 controllers. IŽve built one and now I can use the whole memory of the Chip. Aside from the small memory the MCU is well equipped i.e. 16 Bit Timer channels, 8 A/D channles and ca 80 I/Os. You can add more memory to the board because the controller has an external memory interface but I donŽt think that IŽll do that so far.







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