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HC08 Flash Programming


To program the flash memory I use the software from P & E Micro. The software can be downloaded at no cost. There are different versions to download depending on the controller you use. The software differs only in the flas algorithms and the simulator that is in the package. The debugger and the flash programmer are the same. The Metrowerks software uses the PROG08SZ Software too, so there is no difference here

Before flashing you have to configure the connection. With the simple to build programmer, select as target hardware Class III. Choose your serial port and set the connection speed. The connection speed belongs on the clock an the DIV4 signal . The security bytes are the interrupt vectors at adress FFF6 to FFFD. If you donīt know the security bytes you are only able to delete the whole flash memory, you can load them from a s19 file if you have.

If something goes wrong here the status can help you to find the error. In the example below the controller is not answering. Only the Hardware loopback from the 74HCT125 is recognized.

If everything is ok, you have to switch the power off and on to reset the MCU.

If you donīt know the security bytes, mark IGNORE security Failure and enter monitor mode to enter monitor mode. Then you can only delete the flash memory. Another window opens asking you to select the flash programming algorithm.

Then the other functions are availible.

First you have to check if the device is blank, if not you have to erase it by choosing erase module. With specify S record you select the s19 file that you want to programm. Choose program module for programming and you are done. You can da a verify if you want. The connection to the debugger is done the same way.






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